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Benefits: Easy to Use

TributeStone provides an easy-to-use, interactive experience for visitors: simply spin the disk until the indicator light comes on and press “Play.” They hear stories come to life, complete with narration, sound effects, and even music. The simplicity and streamlined design of the device make it attractive and intuitive to use—It’s so easy even a child can do it.

TributeStone offers a hassle-free experience for organizations using the device. Designed and manufactured to be a one and done product/unit, it requires no power source and no maintenance. Changing the message is as easy as “drag and drop” with a laptop computer and our proprietary connection adapter. To help you get started, the audio experts at TributeStone can even help record your first message using a state-of-the-art recording studio.

For more information, please call (913) 321-3978 or email.