What is Tributestone?

TributeStone is an environmentally-friendly audio device placed in- or out- of doors to enhance visual experiences by layering sound and information that tells your important stories. With the capacity to hold more than five minutes of narration, music and sound effects, TributeStone brings the soundtrack of what you are looking at to life.* Now visitors can focus their attention on the sights, not on the signs that surround them.

TributeStone is the audio “sign” of the 21st century, capable of enhancing the following experiences for:

  • Travel and Tourism: Highlight local points of interest in a more engaging and memorable way.
  • Highways: Promote byway initiatives and provide important information at turnpike stops, scenic overlooks, scenic landmarks, and rest areas.
  • Historical Monuments: Educate visitors with more information than could be conveyed using traditional, printed signs.
  • Parks and Natural Wonders: Communicate history, facilitate school field trips, highlight hidden wonders, and announce upcoming events.
  • Memorials: Honor first responders, military heroes, public figures, and important events or places.
  • Botanical Gardens: Turn a stroll through the garden into a vibrant and memorable learning experience.
  • Wildlife Areas: Help improve conservation and protect animals in their natural habitat.
  • Walking Trails: Enhance the experience along hiking, cycling and cross-country trails with the history and surrounding cultures’ stories.
  • Historical Significance: Bring additional attention to outdoor battlefields, historic homes, and the locations of iconic speeches.


Click on the samples below to hear TributeStone in action:

For more information, please call (913) 321-3978 or email.

*Five minutes of audio is based on an average studio recording with no clipping.